Barika Medical Centre

At Barika Medical Centre, we provide personalised physiotherapy sessions on case-by-case basis. We recognize that the need for rehabilitation is individual. Our Physiotherapy Department provides services for both our inpatient and outpatient clients.
We specialize in tailoring physiotherapy sessions to each individual’s unique needs. We understand that rehabilitation requirements vary from person to person. In our Physiotherapy Department, we offer personalized services for both inpatient and outpatient clients. Every session is conducted with meticulous nursing care, supplemented by specialized medical equipment based on individual cases. We provide aids like crutches, walkers, and various equipment designed to facilitate your recovery process. Our range of services includes: Cardiac Rehabilitation Pulmonary Rehabilitation Falls Prevention Massage and Relaxation Techniques Plaster Technology At Barika, our focus is on your personalized recovery journey, ensuring that our physiotherapy sessions cater to your specific needs and aid in your optimal recovery.”

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