Barika Medical Centre

Our stock of medicine is thoughtfully sourced in order to handle the varying needs for both inpatient and outpatient prescriptions.
The inventory of medications at our facility is carefully curated to accommodate diverse requirements for both inpatient and outpatient prescriptions. We prioritize the accessibility and availability of a wide range of pharmaceuticals to ensure comprehensive and effective treatment for our patients. For inpatients, our stocked medicines cater to immediate and specific needs. We maintain a supply of essential drugs commonly required during hospital stays to address various conditions and ensure prompt treatment. Simultaneously, for our outpatient services, we maintain a comprehensive selection of medications prescribed by our healthcare professionals. This inventory is meticulously managed to accommodate recurring prescriptions, chronic conditions, and treatments post-discharge. Our procurement process emphasizes the quality, authenticity, and effectiveness of the medications we stock. We collaborate with trusted suppliers and pharmaceutical companies, adhering to stringent standards and regulatory guidelines to ensure the integrity and safety of the medicines provided. We prioritize the seamless availability of medications, understanding the critical role they play in the recovery and management of health conditions for both our inpatient and outpatient clientele.

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